#1 Overlays

Overlays can be printed in A4 or A3 size and can be placed over any text. They can be adapted and edited for any subject and are an engaging way to support students with tools required for analysis of texts (including exam questions).

Within English, the ‘GCSE Anthology Poetry Desk’ and the ‘GCSE Unseen Poetry Desk’ overlays are effective in encouraging students to respond in a more developed and sophisticated way by thinking carefully about language, themes and structure. The overlays also draw attention to the mark scheme criteria to ensure students are hitting specific skills required to achieve high marks.

SOLO Taxonomy has been introduced on the ‘SOLO Surgery’ poetry overlay. Students work through the stages in a systematic and progressive way. In the last example, the overlay has been amalgamated with the ‘Questioning Grid’ providing a useful way for students to use high level questioning skills when considering texts. In this example, Crooks’ harness room from ‘Of Mice and Men’ is used.

QR codes can be utilised on text overlays. In the examples, the codes link to A* exemplar material and ‘Dynamite Paragraph’ techniques to support and stretch students’ responses.

Making them look attractive is always helpful… especially if they have a theme!

photo Unseen

Solophoto (1)










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