#2 QR Codes

QR codes are bloody brilliant and can be used in a variety of ways.

In case you are unaware, QR codes are ‘scannable’ links to websites, videos, pictures, resources etc. To create them, the best place to visit is http://www.qrstuff.com where you can change the colour and print out multiple copies. Students are required to download a QR code scanner app on their mobile device to access content… something they all love to do.

I have used QR codes for marking and feedback purposes. In the example below, the code served as support for the student’s  ‘EBI’ (even better if) and brought up a webpage full of comparison connectives. The best thing to do is to set aside some time during a lesson to allow students to use their devices in order reflect on their feedback and improve their work… this is sometimes known as DIRT (dedicated improvement and reflection time).

The second picture shows QR codes being used to differentiate tasks. In this case, they provided ‘Support’ for students who struggled to form ideas and ‘stretched’ those who need to be pushed and challenged. I have found student enjoy developing and crafting their responses using the codes PLUS you no longer need to hand out support or extension task sheets!

More recently, I have used the codes for planning and revision purposes (see the third image). If any student misess a lesson/needs to strengthen their understanding of a certain area, they can independently consult the mat.

There are many other ways QR codes can be used. Some excellent examples you can find on Twitter – see @tombrush1982 for some top-notch practice.

Codes1        Codes2     photo (4)










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