#3 Five-a-Side Fantasy Football

This is a top resource adapted from John Mitchell (@Jivespin), who created ‘1st XI’ for History lessons. You can find resource this posted on @ASTsupportAAli excellent Teaching Toolkit blog! As you can see, I’ve cut the original idea down to five-a-side to make selection more difficult and to encourage students to think more carefully about their choices. Let’s face it, anything involving football is a fantastic and fun way to engage boys! Even I got a bit addicted.

This version is great to use when considering characters in novels. As you can see from the example, students have to manage a fantasy team based on the strengths, weaknesses and characteristics of individuals in the narrative. ‘SOLO Tactics’ have been added so that students have to think strategically about their team selection, explaining reasons to justify their choices. What’s more, player selections should also be justified using evidence from the text. Considering a team captain/player-manager also raises great class discussion and debate. Slim is a great example here… a definite leader.

I’d love to see this used on characters from a Shakespeare play! That’d be ace. Please tweet any pictures of this resource being used… it’d be fab to post.

Download here: sellfy.com/JamieClark85



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