#5 GCSE Revision Mats

Preparing students for the Unit 1 exam can be quite hectic to say the least. The resources below are really useful in reminding students of the skills required for the paper in both Sections A and B and are great to slip into a revision pack.

For me, visually attractive resources definitely aid learning and help students to retain information. I created the ‘Revision Squares’ on an app called ‘Rhonna’ which can be downloaded for £1.49 from the App Store. Once I get my new classroom display up and running, I’ll definitely enlarge these mats into a A3 squares. They’ll look really good on the wall!

I have used the Section B mats in class too. When setting timed questions on writing to persuade or argue, I have found them useful to support students who need a push. Feel free to download below… I’m sure I’ll add to this post in the future.

photo 1 (1)photo 2